Glaucoma Laser Eye Center

Glaucoma Laser Eye Center in Athens provides high quality medical services to the entire spectrum of ophthalmology. Our center has a well trained professional staff and state of the art medical equipment, ensuring the best quality of service.

Using modern and reliable scientific methods, we offer immediate and painless solutions to all kinds of vision problems, specializing in the treatment of glaucoma. In our center someone can do all the range of diagnostic and imaging tests required, as well as surgical procedures to deal with any difficult ophthalmic disorder, co-existing or not with glaucoma.

Scientific Director of the Glaucoma Laser Eye Center Athens is
Vassilios Kozobolis, Professor of Ophthalmology

“Οφθαλμοί γαρ των ώτων ακριβέστεροι μάρτυρες.”

— Ηράκλειτος