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  • When should an adult’s eyes be examined?

    We recommend adult examinations of the eyes be performed on a regular basis. Below is a chart with a recommended time line of how often an adult should receive an eye examination.

    • Ages 20-39 / Every two to four years
    • Ages 40-and older / Every year
  • What does an eye doctor do during an eye exam?

    Eye exams may vary from person to person, but here are a few common things we may do during a routine exam:

    • Fully review your family history of eye health
    • Determine your visual acuity
    • Confirm your intraocular pressure
    • Examine the anterior and the posterior structures of the eye
  • How long will take a glaucoma surgery procedure?

    Each operation should take no more than 45 minutes and best practice is to perform this operation as a day case. You get to go home straight after the operation and most patients find that more convenient.

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